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We are a local City of Casey business who has a number one priority to solve and get your business up quickly and simply to its full potential. We have mobile technicians at very competitive hourly rates or workshop services at special prices. (pick up and drop off available). Give us a call today.

Greening Computer ServicesServicing


Server virtualization has been around now for more than a decade, yet many in the industry still consider it a "new" technology. Now is the time to adopt the technology in our own environment to benefit from the rewards. Many of us also have the opinion that there is simply no going back to a "physical-only world."

Greening Computer ServicesVirtualization


If you have a Network Server or even a Computer in your business, then you probably know the importance of having a reliable and fast central data server and computer for your business, and what could possibly be the worst case scenario if they were to go down.

Greening Computer ServicesUpgrading


Properly implemented, a network is a system that provides its users with unique capabilities, above and beyond what the individual machines and their software applications can provide, be it a wired or wireless system, we can maintain it for you.

Greening Computer ServicesNetworking


Date: 28/07/2016 12:23:54 PM Name: Garry Vickers
Rating: Rated: 9 Website: Not Available

I called David from Greening Computer Services,and was pleasantly surprised with his service. I was lucky,as he could get to site the same day. He managed in under 2 hours, to get my system up and running, and faster than ever before.

Date: 20/04/2016 8:10:53 PM Name: Peter Neumann
Rating: Rated: 9 Website:

I have been dealing with Greening Computer Services for a while now and find David to be of professional and fast services. I would recommend Greening Computer Services to anyone in need of computer repairs, service or even training in ways to use the computer, then go and see David.

Date: 30/04/2015 11:29:00 AM Name: Larrie Robinson
Rating: Rated: 9 Website: Not Available

David came recommended, and as such, one has a certain expectation. Initially David and I discussed my ideas and he explained the process. We have worked on this in conjunction with a content writer and graphic artist to get what I feel is an exceptional result at a very reasonable price. I found David most obliging, professional and easy to deal with. His obvious knowledge with the back-end side of things combined with attention to detail and support was invaluable. I have no hesitation in recommending David.

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